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I like hiking. Since 1985 I hike in mountains, hills and planes in Slovakia and abroad. Till the end of 2023 I had over 44 700 kilometres in my legs with altitude over 1 950 000 metres.

I make most of the hikes in Slovakia. As regards other countries, in past I preferred Czech republic, though 38 years ago it was not abroad. Recently I visit mostly Alps, that is Austria, Slovenia, and time-to-time Dolomites in northern Italy. I made some few hikes also in Hungary (Visegrad hegyek, Pilis), Poland (Orlia perc, Jura Krakovsko-Czestochovska), and also in Norvay (in Finnmark), Rumania (Fagaras, Bucegi), England (together with my colleague), Macedonia (Galicica) and in New Zealand.

When I was young, I did few-days-long hikes with a heavy backpack. Later I discovered ferratas in Alps, but also they became too challenging for me. Recently I like stone arches. In winter I make a few hikes in snow-shoes, and in summer I like to visit places with plenty of flowers.

Hiking in 2023

In 2023 I hiked over 3 100 kilometres with altitude over 123 000 metres. About 2/3 of my hikes I made in Slovakia, 1/3 abroad.

Logic puzzles

tangram pentomino I like puzzles and games, especially the mathematical ones. Information about the World Puzzle Championship can be found here.
Classical plane-tiling puzzles are Pentomino and Tangram. But recently a vast amount of other puzzles can be found at janko.
Next page, which I visit time-to-time, is killersudoku.

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